Lillibeth Gonzalez

Lillibeth Gonzalez (she/her) is a 65-year-young Latinx mother raised in the Lower East Side. She was diagnosed with AIDS 30 years ago. She endured the loss of her 3 siblings due to AIDS related complications. Her diagnosis was a surprise to her, she never imagined her husband would purposely not disclose his status, He said … Continued

Sonya Milliman

Sonya Milliman (she/her) is a native of rural New York, who has 2 children of her own and reared 6 others, along with 2 grandchildren. She went on vacation to Louisiana in December 2016 and was diagnosed with HIV 6 months later, she started treatment and was Undetectable 3 weeks later, U=U!!! She currently resides … Continued

Ryan Alvey

Ryan Alvey (he, him, his) grew up in rural Kentucky, struggling with his sexuality and being bullied throughout his entire life he left home after coming out. He has lived in 11 states and 21 cities trying to find happiness, love, and acceptance. After being diagnosed with HIV on 11/20/2020, his biggest fear had became … Continued

Connie Rose

Connie Rose (they/she/elle) is a nonbinary, pansexual 26-year long-term survivor of HIV who was diagnosed in 1996. They are a mother, to one beautiful human named Samantha, grandmother (MiMi) to the most amazing grandson, Amir William-Conrad (yep, after me and our grandpa), and a variety of non-human family members who Connie is sure to bore … Continued

Shawn Mark

Shawn Mark (he/him) was born positive with HIV – making his life’s journey full of adversity, strength, and impact. After feeling invisible and without a purpose for the first 30 years of his life, he discovered his calling, and suddenly realized his life’s meaning: to change the perspective through which people see their world.  In … Continued

Bryan-Tyler Orr

Bryan (he/him) is a health educator, advocate, and public health practitioner passionate about reducing barriers to care for those living with or impacted by morbidities like HIV. Since being diagnosed at 20, Bryan has shaped his career to be in positions to create health systems that benefit marginalized communities of color. As a current MPH … Continued

Thamicha Isaac

Award-Winning philanthropist Founder and CEO of Miizmisha’s World Empowerment LLC; Thamicha Isaac (she/her), Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker, is an openly positive HIV Influencer of a global empowerment movement, gaining recognition for her activism. Thamicha is dedicated and on a mission to change lives and empower others to fight for themselves. An HIV diagnosis should not … Continued

Moncies Franco

Moncies Franco (He/him) is an advocate for individuals living with HIV as well as persons impacted by the criminal justice system. He uses his lived experience to to educate, spread awareness, and to empower other impacted individuals to live a self-directed lives. He also is involved in community engagement, speaking engagements, and volunteer work within … Continued

Yonce Jones

She was proud to receive her first Prevention Certificate of Completion and continues her HIV advocacy today. Yonce has been advocating and speaking on trans issues and rights for about close to 15 years. 

Wanona “Nunu” Thomas

A single mother of four, Ms. Thomas understands the importance of having a strong support system, and a focus on emotional wellness and mental health in order to reach a stage of recovery that can help transform your life.

Tony Enos

Additionally, Enos has 14 years of clinical and CBO experience in public health and currently serves as the content expert for the American Indian Community House’s “Health Elders Network.”

Tez Anderson

Tez is recognized for shining a new light on a forgotten unique population—HIV Long-Term Survivors.

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