Thamicha Isaac

New York / NY - Ambassador

Award-Winning philanthropist Founder and CEO of Miizmisha’s World Empowerment LLC; Thamicha Isaac (she/her), Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker, is an openly positive HIV Influencer of a global empowerment movement, gaining recognition for her activism.

Thamicha is dedicated and on a mission to change lives and empower others to fight for themselves. An HIV diagnosis should not deter you from living out your dreams. She also aims to bring awareness and HIV education to communities worldwide.

As an activist and Health Educator, Ms. Isaac is taking her experiences and selflessly seeking to educate and empower others. Thamicha Isaac has shown courage in sharing her personal story of heartache, pain, triumph, determination, power, and resiliency. She is moving forward in bravery and transparency. It is a story that can transform and inspire the lives of individuals affected by HIV, whether a personal diagnosis or someone they care for and love.