What We Do

Prevention Access Campaign’s collaborative advocacy, education, and communications work has resulted in historic global changes to the official risk assessments of HIV sexual transmission. Together, we’re changing the narrative about living and loving with HIV.



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In addition to advocacy, PAC and partners influence key leaders and institutions by organizing live and virtual demonstrations worldwide. While most of our work has been at the diplomatic discussion level, some of our strategies, especially in the start-up phase, have included more public activist tactics to hold stakeholders accountable and pressure them toward action.


Education and Training Center

In collaboration with U=U partners and researchers, we offer training and technical support to civil society organizations, health ministries, private industry, and other stakeholders on a range of areas including:

  • Effective U=U communications
  • Taking U=U to Scale: Lessons learned from country-wide U=U programs
  • A History of the U=U message and movement
  • U=U as Win-Win in Advocacy for Health Equity
  • Understanding the science of U=U
  • Incorporating U=U into strategies to end the HIV epidemic 
  • U=U for healthcare professionals
  • U=U in the context of criminal law
  • U=U, women, sex and parenting 
  • U=U in the transgender community
  • HIV in the media: Training for journalists
  • Overcoming challenges to U=U implementation
  • Country and community-specific training

Please contact Brady Dale Etzkorn-Morris to explore how PAC can support your education and implementation goals.

U=U Resource Center

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Social Marketing

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Messaging Monitoring

PAC monitors information providers, including niche and mainstream media, to ensure that descriptions of HIV transmission risk reflect the current science of U=U. PAC has successfully corrected the language of many state, national and global HIV information providers as well as articles in publications such as Newsweek, VOX, US Magazine, Orlando Sentinel, Minneapolis Post, St. Louis Public Radio, and many HIV/AIDS related publications.