We’ve officially launched the Win-Win!!

Never before has it been more clear that increasing access to treatment, including addressing ARV stockout, ending criminalization, and removing barriers to U=U, not only saves the lives of people living with HIV, but also prevents new transmissions, reduces health care costs and burden, contributes to economic growth, and accelerates progress toward ending the epidemic.

U=U is a community-led, human-centered, cost-effective individual *and* public health strategy. 

U=U is a Win-Win.

The Win-Win Agenda is a new global advocacy forum by Prevention Access Campaign and partners to increase access and remove barriers to quality HIV treatment and care and accelerate progress towards ending the epidemic. The advocacy platform and campaign will use data, strategic advocacy, information, and analytics to raise awareness, create community conversations, and provide training, capacity building, and monitoring to support the use of the Win-Win approach in advocacy. 

Our Advocacy Agenda 

An estimated 10 million of the 39 million people living with HIV worldwide are not receiving the quality information, treatment, and care to reach U=U, protect their health, and be free of worry about transmission. Social, structural, and legal barriers make it difficult or impossible for too many people living with HIV to achieve and maintain U=U.   

The Win-Win approach will strengthen advocacy to eradicate these barriers to access. We plan to implement ambitious collaborative strategic advocacy campaigns to raise awareness and action among policymakers and health officials that making U=U a reality for all people living with HIV is not only the right path to choose, but it is also the foundation to end the epidemic.

Call To Action

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Win-Win Agenda

This is an exciting moment to turn the focus of the global response to supporting people living with HIV with the information, treatment, and services that we need to live healthily *and* not pass on HIV. U=U is a community-led, human-centered, cost-effective strategy for both individual and public health. With U=U, everyone wins.

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Global leaders from WHO, UNAIDS, CDC, health ministries, medical and research institutions, and civil society organizations introduce the Win-Win Agenda.

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