PAC and our partners work together on every continent to ensure U=U becomes common knowledge and all people living with HIV have access to the treatment and care to benefit from it.

The U=U movement achieved astonishing results because of effective and meaningful collaborations between passionate and purpose-driven leaders from grassroots to government to global. We’ve mobilized our collective resources to move national and global institutions to endorse the U=U science and redefine what it means to live with HIV.

Together we work toward systemic change that will improve the quality of life of all people living with HIV while bringing us closer to ending the epidemic.

Win-Win Agenda


U=U University

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ARV and Viral Load Testing Innovation and Access

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U=U Global, Regional & National Mobilizations

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U=U Ukraine

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U=U Global Community Board

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The Third U

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Positive Perspectives Wave 2

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Owning HIV

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Positive Series

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