Wanona “Nunu” Thomas

Denver / CO - Ambassador

Wanona (Nunu) Thomas has learned the power of turning her HIV diagnosis into a lifetime goal to reach, educate and encourage others about how to turn Havoc Into Victories.  In August 2017, she founded LIVE IN YOUR TRUTH, a non-profit organization in Milwaukee focused on empowering and inspiring individuals in a life of recovery from a diagnosis of life-changing life conditions.

Ms. Thomas found strength in sharing her story and became a blogger for A Girl Like Me for The Well Project and became a part of their Community Advisory Board. She is an ambassador for The Prevention Access Campaign and Youth  Across the Borders as well as an HIV Expert Consultant for Merck. Since that time, she has shared her journey on national and international platforms, at meetings, conferences, and on social media, as a way to engage people in feeling more comfortable with embracing and accepting life.

A single mother of four, Ms. Thomas understands the importance of having a strong support system, and a focus on emotional wellness and mental health in order to reach a stage of recovery that can help transform your life.

Her commitment to health and wellness began with her work as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) where she learned that having a physical or mental condition does not take away from a person’s gift or their purpose for being on this earth.