William Matovu

Uganda U=U

William Matovu (he/him)



William Matovu is from Uganda and is openly living with HIV. He is a founding member of the Love-To-Love Organization, which aims to create hope for people who are living with HIV and affected by the virus; particularly orphans and other vulnerable individuals. In addition, he serves as a board member at Kawempe home care as a client representative, and as a peer worker at the Joint Clinical Research Center under the HEADS-UP project, which provides information to young people born with HIV to encourage onward HIV disclosure. Additionally, William is a social media influencer for the Uganda Network on Law Ethics and HIV (UGANET) and a founding member of the U=U Africa forum, designed to ensure that the U=U message is spread across Africa.William has championed the U=U message since 2017 and he has been giving presentations at various conferences, such as the U=U pre-conference held at AIDS 2018 in the Netherlands. William also organized the first U=U conference in Africa together with the Love-To-Love organization in 2019 which was held in Uganda. Furthermore, William presented a virtual presentation at Adherence 2020. Music and drama are also tools he utilizes to convey the U=U message, along with infographics he creates and posts on his social media platforms.