U.S. National Institutes of Health says “No Risk” from HIV in the Semen When Virally Supressed

“Can I Be Infected by HIV RNA or DNA Reportedly Found in the Semen or Testes of a Virally Suppressed Person?”

“No. Because effective antiretroviral therapy does not eradicate HIV from the body’s tissues, it is expected that HIV genetic material will be present in tissues and bodily fluids such as semen, even in people who have achieved and maintained an undetectable viral load for years.”

“Scientific detection of very small amounts of HIV RNA or DNA in tissues or semen does not correlate with a person’s risk of transmitting HIV to others, provided that they are on effective therapy and have an undetectable viral load. Research has delivered clear-cut evidence that staying on treatment and maintaining a durably undetectable plasma viral load results in effectively no risk of sexually transmitting HIV to an HIV-negative partner.”

Read more at NIAID at NIH.