The Victory of U=U Must Be Shared Equally Among Us

Carlos Idibuou is an International HIV/AIDS advocate, GMT+ Representative of the Diaspora, member of the Steering Committee of the Key and Affected Population Paris Declaration, and global U=U spokesperson. He shares his journey w HIV stigma, liberation, disparities & #UequalsU as a Black African Queer man living w/HIV. 

“Some people were posting messages about Undetectable Equals Untransmittable. The science had confirmed it! No doubt! I cried. I cried for the day I got diagnosed. I cried for losing my lover. I cried for the depression I went through. I cried and I cried.”

“We have come a very long way and U=U is certainly another victory as part of that long journey. Beyond that victory, there is the fact that we need to come again as one community to take care of the different reasons why some of our folks have not been able to reach the U=U yet.”