The Conundrum Of Quantifying HIV Risk: Wasting Time, More Stigma

Award-winning blogger and young health advocate and activist Josh Robbins speaks out,”The deafening silence from the largest HIV service organizations in the U.S. about the actual risk of someone undetectable is bizarre. Are they wasting the opportunity to thwart HIV stigma?

“When the Prevention Access Campaign’s Undetectable=Untransmittable ‘#UequalsU’ campaign hit the social media world, it was not only scientifically accurate with globally respected researchers and activists behind it, but it was a message that was and remains a mindf*ck for most of the rest of population–that someone who is undetectable and on treatment is not capable of HIV transmission. It started the defining ‘moment’ that many living with HIV have wanted and needed–a real possibility to end HIV stigma once and for all.”

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