POZ Magazine: Here’s How Much the U=U Movement Has Grown in Three Years

“Since the U=U initiative launched three years ago this month, 886 groups spanning nearly 100 countries have joined the fast-growing movement. On the anniversary, the Prevention Access Campaign (PAC), which founded U=U, issued a call to action to global HIV stakeholders, asking them to make four specific commitments that will further promote U=U, fight HIV stigma and help end the epidemic…

To continue getting the word out about U=U, PAC seeks HIV leaders to make new commitments. A PAC press release spells out these four:

  • Increase the reach and availability of public health information on U=U, especially among communities affected most by HIV
  • Integrate U=U into grantmaking priorities
  • Leverage U=U as a public health argument in advocacy for universal access to treatment and service
  • Hold government leaders accountable for ensuring that U=U is clearly communicated and included in national HIV programs, such as Trump’s “Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America.”​

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