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‘Pose’ season 2 will show how characters live life to the fullest even with HIV and writer Our Lady J is here for it

“Season 2 of ‘Pose’ explores the plight of characters living with HIV/AIDS starting right from the protagonist Blanca (MJ Rodriguez) and Pray Tell (Billy Porter). No, it will not be a depressing story where an HIV diagnosis leads to depression and bitterness towards life, in fact, the diagnosis unfurls a new chapter where life is to be lived to the fullest and bask in the love of family and friends.

“37 million people in the world live with HIV, why shame about HIV?” she asks. “It’s a disease, nothing more.” Destigmatizing the disease, Our Lady J points out that the main reason why AIDS became something that people were ashamed about is because in the 80s, the virus was “moralized,” and came in conflict with sex.  

Her message through the new season is simple, life happens even after HIV diagnosis and unless the virus is detectable, it is not transmittable. “Taking away the moralization is the cure,” she adds.”

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