People in Authority Misled My Husband About His HIV Risk; Now We’re Divorced

Health educator and U=U advocate Alleen King-Carter talks about the impact that HIV stigma and lack of awareness of U=U had on her marriage, “Now, I’m not so delusional as to think that the only reason my marriage ended was that his support team did not understand U=U is scientific and the truth. But, I can say, the message not being delivered to the health care community causes breakdowns in day-to-day interactions that should otherwise have the capacity to be normal relationships with people living with HIV who have battled to achieve an undetectable, untransmittable status.”

“So, thank you to all the scientists, health care workers, advocates and allies of people living with HIV who help to spread this message with me. It helps me and others like me have hope in healthy future relationships not biased by misinformation, ignorance, fear and stigma. STILL SCREAMING “U=U”!”