If You Favor HIV Filters On Dating Apps, You’re Living In Ignorance, Blogger Says

QUEERTY interviews Alex Garner, Senior Health Innovation Strategist at Hornet,  about why gay men feel the need to filter out HIV positive men on dating app and references Prevention Access Campaign:

“Garner thinks part of the problem is that many people don’t fully understand ‘undetectable’ means.”

“The Prevention Access Campaign defines it as such:  A person living with HIV on antiretroviral therapy (ART) with an undetectable HIV viral load in their blood for at least six months has a negligible risk of transmitting HIV to a sexual partner. Negligible means: so small as to not be worth considering; insignificant. Therefore, when describing the risk of HIV transmission HIV experts have said: ‘not infectious’, ‘virtually zero risk’ and ‘cannot transmit the virus.'”

“Facts are the best remedy for ignorance,” Garner says. “Our community has done a relatively good job of educating people about the facts of PrEP. Almost every major HIV organization has invested in PrEP education efforts for various communities vulnerable to HIV. We should be able to invest the same community education efforts around what it means to be undetectable.”

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