Grindr and Prevention Access Campaign Join Forces to Introduce U=U into the Social Networking App

Grindr joined the U=U campaign and welcomed updates to their sexual health messaging on the their app which is frequently used by gay, bi and transgender men to find hookups and dates. Prevention Access Campaign was pleased to work with the folks at Grindr to ensure the platform informs users about what an undetectable viral load and U=U mean. The sexual health messaging includes information about how people who are not undetectable also have options for safer sex. Grindr translated the sexual health information into Spanish, Japanese, Polish, and Bulgarian so far. Thank you to for facilitating this partnership.

Read more about it on their Grindr website sections What does it mean to be undetectable? and What is Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U)? and also on the Grindr app.