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Bruce Richman weighs in on Anderson Cooper’s commentary on HIV Criminalization

“In a fiery discussion on CNN following Wednesday’s vice presidential debate, anchor Anderson Cooper slammed Donald Trump’s reckless behaviour since his diagnosis with Covid-19

“There are gay people in this country who are HIV-positive, and in some states, they can be arrested if they do not inform a sexual partner that they are HIV positive, even though if they are on medication it is absolutely zero threat to a sexual partner. None. They cannot transmit the virus,” said Cooper… 

Bruce Richman, founding executive director, Undetectable = Untransmittable, Prevention Access Campaign, told The Independent that HIV criminalisation laws are outdated, not based on science, and have not been shown to prevent HIV transmission.

“When people with HIV are on effective treatment it’s impossible for them to pass on HIV to their sexual partners. The risk is zero. There’s no potential for harm,” Mr Richman explains.

“However, in this case, the president knowingly and recklessly ignored public health guidance and put those around him at serious risk of contracting Covid-19. And given the power imbalance, many may have felt coerced not to wear masks to protect themselves from harm,” he adds. “As it stands, the criminal justice system is not effective at solving public health issues, but the president must be held accountable for his actions.” Read the rest of the article in The Independent.

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