Being ‘Undetectable’ Today Is a Privilege. It Needs to Be a Right.

“The benefits of an undetectable status are groundbreaking and terrific news in the fight against HIV, but we can’t have a conversation about undetectability without addressing the structural issues that so many people continue to face in this country. Only around 50% of people living with HIV in the United States have achieved an undetectable viral load. There are lots of complex reasons why someone may not be undetectable.

This does not make them stupid or irresponsible; it simply means that our system has failed them.

Accessing and maintaining engagement in health care in this country is a challenge. The Ryan White Program is a great safety net for people living with HIV, but it’s not perfect, and many people still slip through the cracks. Additionally, people still report facing homophobia, transphobia and racism from health care providers. Add on to that issues of mental health, homelessness and mass incarceration and you have numerous intersecting factors that influence one’s health.”