Sonya Milliman

Sonya Milliman (she/her) is a native of rural New York, who has 2 children of her own and reared 6 others, along with 2 grandchildren. She went on vacation to Louisiana in December 2016 and was diagnosed with HIV 6 months later, she started treatment and was Undetectable 3 weeks later, U=U!!! She currently resides … Continued

Alleen King-Carter

Beyond her work addressing HIV, Alleen is also an active leader in her church, helping start a soup kitchen and food pantry. She is also an assistant youth director and music director to her church choir. Alleen’s commitment to social justice and giving back to her community is a driving force in all of her work.

Achim Howard

Achim Jeremiah Howard, a native of Washington, DC, is a leader, mentor, father figure, advocate, activist, mentor, construction worker, minister, and humanitarian.