Media Monitoring: PAC works to ensure accurate and responsible reporting about the current realities of HIV prevention and stigma by challenging inconsistencies and biases in digital, social, and print media. 

Social Media Outreach:  Honored with Healthline’s  2016 Best Use of Social Media in HIV Advocacy, the U=U campaign and its Community Partners and advocates unite and promote the U=U message widely social media using the hashtag #UequalsU.

Media Outreach: PAC and U=U have received extensive coverage in HIV/AIDS and global media including CBS Evening News, The Washington Post, China Global Television, The Guardian, CNN, BHEKISISA, and the world’s leading medical journals, The Lancet and JAMA.

Social Marketing: PAC creates and facilitates the sharing of social marketing campaigns between Community Partners to alleviate the cost and time associated with the creation of materials.