Technical Assistance

PAC provides technical assistance for communities and activists to integrate U=U in public health communications, clinical, and advocacy work based on best practices learned from the extensive U=U community. 

Community Hub & Mobilization

PAC facilitates the sharing of resources among the global U=U community, including social marketing and communications materials, advocacy strategies, and research. In most parts of the world, the U=U information is not yet understood or accepted. This international U=U movement is led primarily by people living with HIV who are changing the narrative about what it means to live with HIV in a fascinating way. For instance, U=U is being integrated into national public health campaigns, healthcare provider training, anti-stigma social marketing campaigns, HIV treatment and diagnostics advocacy, HIV decriminalization work, and HIV testing outreach. 

PAC offers training, education, and advocacy tools for organizations and advocates seeking to educate HIV information providers in their communities (e.g., public health departments, AIDS service organizations, health clinics, and religious institutions) as well as provide workshops for people living with HIV and HIV information providers. ​