Pete Buttigieg Explains His HIV Policy Ideas

“The core principles of such a strategy are simple. First, everyone with HIV should be in treatment so they can lead longer and higher quality lives and so they won’t transmit HIV, since we know that U=U (undetectable equals untransmittable).

Second, we must make sure that PrEP (and other primary prevention interventions) is readily accessible to all who are at risk and need it.

Third, we must assure that all at risk for HIV — men who have sex with men, transpeople, injection drug users, women, people of color — have restored to them the civil rights protections to which they are legally entitled and receive health care in settings that are culturally competent.

And fourth, we must address the stigma and other social determinants (poverty, lower income, housing insecurity, etc.) that often make accessing preventive and care services more challenging.”

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