The Lancet: Providers should discuss U=U with all patients living with HIV

“[The result of PARTNER 2] reinforces existing consensus by WHO and more than 750 other organisations worldwide that people whose HIV viral load is stably suppressed cannot sexually transmit the virus. With evidence supporting undetectable=untransmittable (U=U) now overwhelming, providers should be routinely communicating the message to all of their patients living with HIV.

The benefits of informing patients with HIV about U=U are numerous. Patients’ awareness about U=U incentivises attainment and maintenance of viral suppression, thus aligning with treatment goals by strengthening patients’ motivation to initiate and adhere to antiretroviral regimens. Education about U=U offers psychosocial benefits for individuals who are stably suppressed, alleviating self-stigma, relieving guilt surrounding potential transmission, and enabling sex without fear.”

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