Navigating rules and reality: HIV disclosure, infectiousness and legal obligations in Sweden

“Despite generally positive relationships with HIV clinic staff, men living with HIV in Sweden report that when it comes to rules regarding disclosure and legal obligations, clinicians were not always clear with patients regarding the meaning of undetectability and whether or not they still needed to disclose or use condoms. Men often needed to seek out other sources in order to find this crucial information, according to a recent qualitative study published in AIDS Care by Tobias Herder and Professor Anette Agardh at Lund University…

In June 2018 the Supreme Court acquitted an HIV-positive man who did not disclose his status to his sexual partner. He was charged with exposing his partner to the risk of serious illness. However, the Court ruled that stable HIV treatment, with a maintained undetectable viral load, leads to no risk of infection and therefore the man did not need to disclose.”

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