Half of all British men believe people with HIV ‘are out to infect others’

“Half of all British men believe people with HIV are ‘out to infect others’, according to a new study. And it found people are still unaware that those living with undetectable levels of HIV can not transmit the virus…

Dr. Laura Waters, chair of the British HIV Associations Guidelines Committee, added: ‘Stigma against people living with HIV is one of the reasons we have yet been unable to end the epidemic.

‘These survey results, showing deep stigma persists despite availability of effective HIV treatment for almost a generation, highlight an urgent need for misconceptions to be challenged. We know that people on successful treatment, who have undetectable virus in their blood, have a normal life expectancy and cannot transmit HIV to their partners (undetectable=untransmittable or U=U).

‘Stigma is a barrier to testing and to accessing care – ensuring the U=U message is understood by all is a priority’.”

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