U=U. Period.

Ben Plumley writes about U=U as “a technological advance, backed up with unequivocal data, for which greater enthusiasm is rightly demanded.”  “More than the prosaic ‘treatment as prevention’, U=U pries open a whole new world of possibilities that have been denied to people with HIV:  To hook up; to have enriching relationships; to have kids; to invest in a future for themselves and their families; to live again.” 

Yas Raphael from the South African Positive Women’s Network and co-Chair of Women Now 2018 has this to say: “If you are saying we have no right to U=U, you are condemning us to lives less valuable than your own. Who are you to say you are more deserving? No, treatment for all means just that. So, get off your soap box and support us to make U=U a reality for all.”

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