Social Justice Research Specialist

Lamar Greene

Atlanta U=U GA U=U Social Justice Research Specialist

Social Justice Research Assistant


Lamar is a passionate advocate who has worked to advance reproductive health, rights, and justice for marginalized communities. They graduated from Emory University in 2019 with a BA in Human Health and made a concerted effort to address health disparities on campus and in Atlanta. With the support of the Office of Health Promotion, Lamar expanded the reach of Emory’s PrEP clinic for HIV prevention and has worked to educate clinicians around stigmas on sexuality and race. They also volunteered annually to help some of Atlanta’s most vulnerable residents navigate their health insurance options and access care. Their senior research project focused on the effects of discrimination on prenatal care utilization for Black women, within the larger context of the Black birthing crisis in the United States. Prior to joining the Prevention Access Campaign, they interned with the Center for Reproductive Rights developing advocacy strategies and lobbying in the House of Representatives to support the Women’s Health Protection Act. Lamar also served as a Truman-Albright Fellow with the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, where they worked to bring awareness to rural HIV, rural maternal health, and social challenges for rural LGBTQ+ people. Lamar believes U=U is a powerful tool for ending the HIV epidemic globally and is excited to be a part of the PAC team.