Yonce Jones

She was proud to receive her first Prevention Certificate of Completion and continues her HIV advocacy today. Yonce has been advocating and speaking on trans issues and rights for about close to 15 years. 

Wanona “Nunu” Thomas

A single mother of four, Ms. Thomas understands the importance of having a strong support system, and a focus on emotional wellness and mental health in order to reach a stage of recovery that can help transform your life.

Tony Enos

Additionally, Enos has 14 years of clinical and CBO experience in public health and currently serves as the content expert for the American Indian Community House’s “Health Elders Network.”

Tez Anderson

Tez is recognized for shining a new light on a forgotten unique population—HIV Long-Term Survivors.

Stacy Jennings

Stacy loves writing poetry and singing and is inspired to write about all facets of life. She dreams of sharing her story to all that are inclined to hear because telling her story will allow her to continue to bring down this disease, allowing her to become a stronger woman because of it.

Roscoe Boyd

Roscoe has also developed a speaking platform broadly focused on health among LGBTQ people, and on sharing his lived experience as a queer/gay man of color who is living his best life with HIV.

Maria Mejia

Maria is a volunteer for the Red Cross, an HIV educator and tester for Jackson Memorial Hospital, a motivational speaker all over the globe, an HIV consultant, and a member of several advisory boards, including Janssen Pharmaceuticals and The Well Project.

Luis Mares, LMSW

Luis A. Mares, LMSW is the Director of Community Mobilization programs at the Latino Commission on AIDS, working in the planning, developing, and implementing of the National Awareness campaigns: National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD) and National Hispanic Hepatitis Awareness Day (NHHAD), with which the Commission coordinates efforts nationwide with partners in every state and US territory to provide education, outreach, training, and create awareness in the Latino community in the HIV and Hepatitis area.

Jacen Zhu

Jacen has made a commitment to building a better community. Jacen has embraced his role as a “U=U Ambassador” and the fight to combat all forms of stigma. 

Hydeia Broadbent

Over the past 10 years, Hydeia has become a notable speaker and guest panelist at many of America’s most respected educational institutions including but not limited to Duke University, Spelman, UCLA, USC, and Howard University.

Deirdre Johnson

She currently resides in the Central Virginia area and is mostly remembered as “the woman that talks openly about HIV/AIDS”, healthy relationships, and everyday issues that affect us all. 

Bryan C. Jones

Bryan is the proud recipient of The Equitas Health 2016 Midwestern Trailblazer Award for lifelong commitment to the LGBTQ community and HIV/AIDS and the Equitas Health 2016 Midwestern Community Advocate Award.